Phares: “UN attention needs to focus on global Mideast crises not just one”

Mideast Newswire:


Dr Walid Phares attending as an observer a session at the UN Security Council consecrated to the fate of minorities in the Middle East after ISIS’s ethnic cleansing.

In an interview with BBC Arabic and on the Randy Tobler radio show, Dr Walid Phares said “the UNSCR resolution on Israel and the West Bank demographics and the debates that followed, have shifted attention away from the larger pressing issues and conflicts in the region, without even proposing a comprehensive solution to the Israel-Palestinian problem. We have four ongoing wars, mass refugees movements, ISIS terror and a dozen crises around the greater Middle East. Half a million dead in Syria and human rights abuses around the region in addition to Iranian military interventions in several countries. By suddenly re-triggering one crisis in the West Bank, which needs careful steps and a growing consensus, the architects of the last move have pushed back the discussion on solving crises in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen. Who will profit? The radicals.” Phares added that “the next Administration will reset the process of debates at the UN so that practical and fair solutions can be advanced at the Security Council for all parties, not just for one crisis but for all conflicts in the region.” Phares served as a foreign policy advisor to Donald Trump during the campaign.

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