Dr. Ashley Ansara Interviews August-September 2018

AMCD board member Dr. Ashley Ansara appears frequently on Arab speaking television. Below are his most recent interviews.

Dr Ashley Ansara interview with the Iraqi Al-Etejah TV station on September 5, 2018. President Trump envoy Brett McCork is in Baghdad to discuss the coalition between Al-Abbadi (resigned Prime Minster) and Muqtada Al-Sadr the majority leader winner in the election. This is the 4th parliament election since the American invasion to Iraq.


Dr Ashley Ansara interview with the Al-Etejah, Iraqi TV media on August 17, 2018. USA political and economical pressure on the global economic market and in specific the Middle Eastern economy.


Dr. Ashley Ansara interview with the AL-Ahad TV media, Iraq on August 17, 2018. USA and Turkey relationship is deteriorating rapidly. The Turkish Lira has lost 40% of it is value after 48 hours from the announcement of the White House to force an economic sanctions against Turkey. Fethullah Gulen and the American Pastor Andrew Bronson are in the focus of the discussion.