Tom Harb Debates Illegal Immigration on France 24 Arabic

January 11, 2019


On France 24 Arabic TV, AMCD co-chair Tom Harb argues the point that when all US politicians get elected and they take the oath to protect the American people and to uphold to Constitution of United States. Democrats seems want to protect the illegal caravans coming through the southern border.

Those caravans come from Central America where communism and socialism took a hold of them and destroyed the society, turned them into poor nations. Reagan administration tried to intervene in the 80’s to prevent communism taking a hold but the international communities opposed Reagan.

30 to 49 years later we have a problem on our hands coming from those countries and now add to it Venezuela.

Therefore, the wall should be built to organize and control who is entering our southern border, people are with President Trump on this issue, media is on the wrong side of the interest of the American people.

11 Jan 2019
Send an emailDr Ashley Ansara
Great logical interviews with Tom. The issue is that the foreign medias do not understand the mentality of the American People. Any camera man could have 100 of American people that are liberals and living on Social Security and demanding more services as it is happening right now in Europe especially in France. We don't want to be like France. Period