Blinken is begging, Khamenei is demanding

by Manda Zand Ervin


“Secretary of State Antony Blinken has said: “US can’t wait forever’ for Iran to rejoin nuclear talks. So, we’re prepared to be patient.” 

What Blinken does not seem to want to grasp, is the fact that Khamenei knows full well that Blinken will wait and wait, do what Khamenei says, and he’ll pay as much as Khamenei demands.  He is a Shia Mullah whose culture is based on total control; and so far, Khamenei and company have gotten away with all that they have demanded from the Democrat Presidents. 

Khamenei was paralyzed under President Trump’s tenure and demands as his survival depended on capitulating to a determined President who was not begging nor negotiating. He had been stripped of his financial power to buy the necessary elements to continue building his nuclear bomb, pay his IRGC mercenaries to terrorize the region; thus, he could not be a nuclear threat, playing intimidation games with Trump.

Blinken has now given Khamenei the upper hand, to the point where Khamenei is dictating policy to the U.S by saying; “Iran will only return to the JCPOA if the United States first lifts all sanctions and commits not to withdraw from the agreement again in future.” Checkmating him in the game of political chess.

As the Secretary of State, Blinken ought to know that the man in charge is the Supreme Leader alone and any excuse regarding waiting for the new “president” and his new cabinet replacement for Zarif to step in, is only meant to further waste time and undermine the U.S. 

For the last 42 years, in the face of nuclear bomb and the game of chicken that the Khomeinist regime has played with the US and its allies, all that has been accomplished has been the claims of bigger and better technology for nuclear bomb development, which translates to more terrorism in more places, killing more innocent people. Not to mention the price exacted from the already depleted Iranian nation.

Mr. Malley, the lead U.S. negotiator of the 2015 Obama JCPOA, claims: “the guarantees they demand were not included in the original JCPOA.”  Logic is not the issue, for Political Islamists.  Khamenei demands guarantee for continuous support and is now looking at more power and financial support than what Obama showered him with, back in 2015. He knows that he has the power to exact very thing, if not more, from Biden. 

According to declassified CIA records, Jimmy Carter helped usher in Khomeini’s Political Islam on the progressing people of Iran in 1979.  In 1998 President Clinton ignored the uprisings in the universities in Iran, when thousands of university students were killed by the IRGC militia. President Obama not only ignored the 2009 Green Revolution where thousands more Iranians, symbolized by Neda Agha-Soltan’s dying face on the sidewalk, were brutalized on the streets of Iran; and in 2015 he rewarded Khamenei with over a $100 Billion in cash, money which rightfully belonged to the people of Iran. Khamenei will demand to collect another hundred billion dollars now.

With Taliban in power next door Afghanistan, there will now be more violent competition between the two Islamist factions of political Shi’ism and political Sunnism that will promise a  human disaster in the world.  Not that they would collaborate, but they will compete in wreaking the kind of havoc that cannot be controlled.  They have both been handed absolute power and Western media will bend over backwards to whitewash their crimes against humanity, until it is too late. 

If the Western Democracies are serious in preventing Khamenei from acquiring nuclear bomb, they must simply stop financing his nuclear ambitions and terrorism. For 43 years the likes of Biden and Blinken, together with their JCPOA allies have kept the political Islamism in power. The time has come to end the tyranny of the Shia Mafia, trampling Iran and the whole region. Dialogues and negotiations with Khamenei must end. Financial sanctions must continue. Business deal by the big corporations must stop   It is time for Iranian men and women to take over their motherland and establish a democratic governance that has been their culture since the year of 539 BCE, declaration by Cyrus the great, known in the bible, for and by the Equal and free people, without any foreign interference.

The Western Democracies should now decide what kind of the world they want: ruling a devastated earth and humiliated humanity by catering to their Military Industrial Complexes for eternal power, or peace on earth.

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